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[Vector] Made in Japan Volume 7 : Hannya Mask 「般若」

Made in Japan Volume 7 is here

This time i’ll show and explain to all of you, about Hannya Mask 「般若」. Hannya mask is one of the mask from Noh theater, it easy to recognize because it possesses two sharp bull-like horns, metallic eyes, and a leering mouth split from ear to ear,  but most of people outside Japan didn’t know the name of the mask they just know the shape of the mask.

The Hannya mask portrays the souls of women who have become demons due to obsession or jealousy, Japanese people believe this kind of mask is really live, it can show different kind of emotion when we tilt it up and down. The Hannya mask is said to be demonic and dangerous but also sorrowful and tormented, displaying the complexity of human emotions. When the actor looks straight ahead, the mask appears frightening and angry; when tilted slightly down, the face of the demon appears to be sorrowful, as though crying. In Japan and Western Hannya mask is a famous image for tattoo, represent brave, and dangerous of the tattoo owner.

There’s 3 kind of skin tone for hannya mask, White, Red, and darkest Red nearly Black. White represent aristocrat woman, Red represent low-class woman, and Darkest Red represent true demons / oni.

[made in japan] Hannya Mask

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[Vector] Made in Japan Volume 6 : Kine and Usu 「杵と臼」

Made in Japan Volume 6 is here 😀

Back to traditional Japanese things, and this time i present to you a Japanese utensils for making a good Mochi or Rice cake. Japanese people call it as Kine and Usu 「杵と臼」. This utensils always used alongside, Usu (the mortar) usually made by a stone that carved into a bowl shape, or made by wood. Kine (the mallet) made by wood and usually used alongside with usu, this mallet  length is about 1 meter. To make a perfect rice cake or Mochi, usu and kine operated by 2 person, usually men, One person swings the kine to pound the rice in a similar motion to chopping wood, and another person give  water to the mochi dough and flip it. This activity requires precission in timing, because the person who swing the kine will hit the mochi dough rapidly fast and the person who give water to the dough need to flip the dough before the kine hit their hands. In another words Between each swing, another person puts his hand in the bowl to turn the rice. Timing is critical for safe operation of the usu.

Like any other traditional food, or snacks, Japanese people believe that mochi pounded in an usu and kine tastes better than mochi that has been processed by an electric machine.

Made in Japan Volume 6 : Kine and Usu

Made in Japan Volume 6 : Kine and Usu

Here’s some video from the making of Mochi in Nara city, perfecture Nara, Japan. The amazing part start at 1:00 😀

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[Digital Painting] Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (1809~1865)

Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln was the 16th President of The United States, born in 12 February 1809. I think he’s the one of the best president of United States, because under his leadership he proclaimed the emancipation, and abolish all slavery.

Unfortunately he was killed at 1865 at Ford’s Theater by John Wilkes Booth. Almost all Americans and the world are very respect to Abraham Lincoln, because of his thought and action.

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Taeyeon & Yoona fast painting

안녕 친구// hello friend, i just want to share my new digital painting, i don’t know if i can say that this one is digital painting, because it looks like sketches

oh well just take a look at it, maybe you gonna like it, and i’m sorry if it’s not similar to the real one



you know what while posting this one, i’m praying to for SNSD can held a concert in my country Indonesia.

so i hope they will come here

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Morrigan Aensland

new post, Fresh from the photoshop

time to change from peoples portrait to comic realm :)…..

i decide to draw this character, all of gamers, or comic books reader should know her, she’s a character from CAPCOM, in anime of SUCCUBUS. and the most sexiest character from capcom. the skecthes is not draw by me, its draw by > e.bas < . a comic artist from US.

so if you want to see his other incredible works, visit his Deviant art, and you gonna love his artwork.

this is the sketches.

as you see there’s another character in this sketches, but i decide to paint Morrigan Aensland only


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Tiffany Fast Digital Painting

just a little update with another digital painting

Tiffany Fast Digital painting, i’m not sure if it’s look like the real one. because i’m just killing my time in my room, and decide to create this one

Hope you like it mate !!


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SooYoung (수영) Digital Painting

안녕하세요 내 친구를 / Annyeonghaseyo nae chingureul

hello my friend, another digital painting artwork post is here, just a simple drawing of SNSD member (again XD), it’s time for our sexy tall girl

Choi Sooyoung // 최 수영

Enjoy !!