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[Digital Painting] AKB48 – Takahashi Minami 「高橋みなみ」

Takahashi Minami 「高橋みなみ」. One of the member of AKB48 under the Team A and one of the Kami 7, the most  famous 7 member in AKB48 we can call it as an untouchable member, that had been choose in Senbatsu or election that voted by AKB48 fans. Kami is a term of Shintoism it means the Divinity or the supreme being, or Gods. This term actually is made by Japanese fans to represent that this 7 members are untouchable, their position is above all of the family48 member.

So here it is Takahashi Minami


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[Digital Painting] AKB48 – Jurina matsui 「松井珠理奈」

Good day folks! it’s me again, so as you know i always post my artwork in here, so this time, again another AKB48  / SKE48 member after Yuko Oshima, it’s tume for Jurina matsui.


and this is the painting process, actually there’s a lot of layer i used, but i cut it to 13 step only 😀

jurina the process

Hope ya’ll like it. Thank you 🙂

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[Digital Painting] Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (1809~1865)

Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln was the 16th President of The United States, born in 12 February 1809. I think he’s the one of the best president of United States, because under his leadership he proclaimed the emancipation, and abolish all slavery.

Unfortunately he was killed at 1865 at Ford’s Theater by John Wilkes Booth. Almost all Americans and the world are very respect to Abraham Lincoln, because of his thought and action.

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[AKB48] Yuko Oshima – Digital Portrait Painting

< こんにちは >

Hello my friends it’s me again, i hope you’re not get bored when visiting my blog 😀

Today i’m gonna post my new digital painting, okay this time is not Korean girl again, but Japanese (not to far LOL). It’s time for AKB48 member. It’s Time for Yuko Oshima…… 😀

oh, by the way i was practicing my digital painting skill by making a black and white painting, you know it’s kinda hard right now, because i need to converting the color into black and white only. Oh well i think it’s to much for me talking [literally in this case i’m writing or typing maybe XD]

Here it is our YUKO OSHIMA!!!!

once more do you think i need to draw all the member of AKB48, if yes, who else ?

Thank you everyone

皆さんありがとうございました >

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MISS A Jia [미스에 지아]

안녕 여러분, 오늘은 전  digital painting을 공유할거에요. 지금은 저는 미스에 [MISS A] 구성원은 그려 멩지아 입니다, 그리고 멩지아 씨 지아라고 합니다.

그녀는 미스에 [MISS A] 메인 래퍼하고 메인 보컬입니다. 난 너가 좋아하길 바래요

감사합니다 여러분  ^ ^

Good day folks, today i want to share my digital painting. now is MISS A member Meng Jia, and meng jia usually called as Jia.

she’s the main rapper and main vocalist in MISS A. I Hope you like it

Thanks folks ^ ^

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Kwon BoA [권 보아] Digital Painting + The Process [Animated]

안녕하세요 친구 | Hello friends

another post with another artwork, so now i will post another Hallyu musician, actually i already listened to her song before hallyu wave are spreading to the world like now, she’s the first Korean singer i’ve heard, even though she had a debut in Japan 🙂

so here it is our

Kwon BoA [권 보아]

and by the way i put the process of this digital painting in here, so i hope you like it mate 🙂

The Process

i worked about 15 hours to finish this one, of course in 3 days

what do you think ?


PS : if the GIF Image didn’t work, just click on it, so you can see the process 🙂