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Sunny SNSD in WPAP (Wedha Pop Art Portrait)

안녕하세요 | Annyeonghaseyo

hello friend, it’s been a long time since the last post that i made in here, and today it’s posting time 😀 . Okay ummmm… it’s kinda different for today, mostly my older post is all about digital painting, but now i need to flashback, and playing around with my vector software, which is Adobe Illustrator. So here it is my new vector art in wpap style.

Sunny SNSD in wpap style.

you know what i’m just start this piece this morning, and finish it about 8 hours.

What is WPAP, here’s the explaination

“WPAP is an ilustration style originally from my country, Indonesia, WPAP is abbreviation of ‘Wedha Pop Art Portrait’ and the creator is “Wedha Abdul Rasyid” one of the Illustrator legend from Indonesia, he create this art around 90’s and still exist until now.

the unique way of WPAP is to create form of 3 dimensional picture to 2 dimensional picture only with color, and straight line.

for more information about WPAP you can googling with ‘Wedha Pop Art’ as the keyword “


고마워 | Gomawo


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